Top 10 Highlights from OKC’s 2017-2018 preseason

10 things that should have Thunder fans excited for the road ahead.

We have one week until the Thunder open up their regular season campaign against the New York Knicks, so why not take a quick look back at the last few weeks?

10. Melo’s Thunder debut

Carmelo Anthony introduced himself to Thunder fans with a red hot first quarter in the preseason opener against the Houston Rockets. He scored the team’s first 10 points.

No hoodie. No problem.
Melo scores OKC's first 10 points in his Thunder debut!
Full Melo/PG13 Debut Highlights :

— (@Ballislife) October 4, 2017

9. Josh Huestis’s game winning blocks

Huestis earned himself a roster spot over the last few weeks. Sealing a win over Melbourne helped his case.

CLUTCH D. @jhuestis preserves the win w/2 monster blocks in final 5 seconds.

— OKC THUNDER (@okcthunder) October 8, 2017

8. Don’t forget about Jerami Grant

Overshadowed by all of the offseason headlines, Grant provides some great value coming off of the bench for Billy Donovan. He showcased his athletic ability with this put back, which was unfortunately after the buzzer.

Didn’t count, but Jerami Grant has springs in his legs.

— Up The Thunder (@UpTheThunder) October 8, 2017

7. Hoodie Melo

I’m thrilled that the Thunder are fortunate enough to participate in this phenomenon and you should be too.

First Thunder road game for #PG13 & #HoodieMelo

8CT vs @nuggets on @FOXSportsOK

— OKC THUNDER (@okcthunder) October 10, 2017

6. Russ and Melo going viral

Everything about this was great.

Westbrook: "Are you mad at me?"
Melo: "No, I'm fine."
Russ: "I'm sorry I said you look like a nun."
Melo: "I said I'm fine. Just drop it."

— Alex Kennedy (@AlexKennedyNBA) October 3, 2017

Melo: I'm not wearin that costume

Russ: It's a silk pullover tunic & a denim poncho! Try it on b4 you dismiss it. Can't wear hoodies foreva

— DJ Dunson (@CerebralSportex) October 3, 2017

Russ: "I thought it was a good shot?"

Melo: "You pulled up from 3 with 21 seconds on the shot clock..."

— Josh (@thattkiddjosh) October 3, 2017

5. Terrance Ferguson

The rookie played solid minutes this preseason and showed that he’ll be able to contribute immediately off the bench. There’s a lot to be excited for here. Ferguson has tremendous upside, and his athletic ability is on display below.

That’s one quick rookie.

— OKC THUNDER (@okcthunder) October 8, 2017

4. Regular season Russ showing up in Denver

We’re under review. Russell Westbrook has that mid-season nasty going already.

— Up The Thunder (@UpTheThunder) October 11, 2017

The 2016-17 MVP puts in 18 first half points on League Pass!#NBAPreseason

— NBA (@NBA) October 11, 2017

3. This:

I will always admire & root for Russell Westbrook’s commitment to pettiness.

“He couldn’t win with those cats.”

— Adam Joseph (@AdamJosephSport) October 8, 2017

2. Having these three on the same team

To say this team is going to be entertaining is an understatement.

Russ (20), PG (19) & Melo (16) power the @okcthunder to #NBAPreseason victory!

— NBA (@NBA) October 11, 2017

1. And finally, a little loyalty.

Lead on, Russ, lead on.

— OKC THUNDER (@okcthunder) September 29, 2017

One more week.