This Manu Ginobili game-winning buzzer beater is why he’s still in the league

Ginobili should never retire if he can still do things like this.

Manu Ginobili is eternal. The 40-year-old hasn’t retired yet, and honestly, he shouldn’t. Look, as long as he’s making plays like this ...

Manu stole an offensive rebound, then he did

— Tom Petrini (@RealTomPetrini) December 9, 2017

Look at the arc! Look at the beauty! That’s just a gorgeous shot that dropped in with an arm draped in front of him and the game on the line. Let’s take one more look.

Man. That ended up being the game-winning shot in San Antonio’s 105-102 win against the Boston Celtics.

This wasn’t the only buzzer beater that Ginobili hit on Friday night, though. Here’s the bucket he dropped in to close the first half.

Ginobili doing Ginobili things.

Halftime on ESPN:#GoSpursGo 56 / #Celtics 55

— NBA (@NBA) December 9, 2017

Ginobili buried the shot as the halftime buzzer expired and it was San Antonio’s first lead of the game. That’s clutch as hell.

We all know Ginobili is an NBA legend, and that he has done things like this for his entire career. But now in his 16th season, Ginobili is actually playing more minutes than his last two seasons and playing an important role off the bench for San Antonio yet again. As long as he can keep doing this, why bother retiring?

Ginobili forever. That is all.