These blocks show us how menacing Kevin Durant is defensively

This is straight up not fair.

Kevin Durant is one of the best scorers that you’ll ever see play basketball. But since transitioning to the Warriors, he’s become an elite defender also.

The Pistons got an up-close and personal look on Friday night when they faced the Warriors. In the waning moments of the game with the Pistons staging a comeback, Durant made two crucial plays to hold them off.

First, he had this block on Anthony Tolliver’s jump shot.

And then he destroyed this layup attempt from Reggie Jackson like he was Dikembe Mutombo in his prime.

The game ended up being closer than it probably should’ve been because of a turnover from Durant late in the game, but the Warriors closed the Pistons out partially because of how good Durant was defensively.

It’s already unfair that he’s a 7’ guard, but if he’s making plays like this what hope does the rest of the league have? Good luck, NBA.