Malignaggi challenges McGregor to a real fight

I bet you didn’t see this one coming...

Well this was...predictable. Paulie Malignaggi isn’t going to take all the talk from Conor McGregor’s team about their sparring sessions lying down — so now he’s offering McGregor an actual fight.

"It's picked up a ton of momentum, the bad blood is there so let's fight," he said during an in-depth interview on The MMA Hour.

Malignaggi says that McGregor first has to show what he’s got against Mayweather, since that fight is obviously just a couple of weeks away, but says if he doesn’t get completely embarrassed he thinks there will be demand to see them fight next.

Malginaggi hasn’t been happy by the way he’s been publicly ridiculed by McGregor’s camp, who insist that the retired fighter was beaten from pillar to post so badly that he had to skip town, and he now demands some satisfaction.

"I showed up with the best intentions in camp, but at a certain point you realise that you are being used as a pawn where somebody is trying to get ahead at your expense and not through your help," said Malignaggi.

Paulie continues by saying he had no choice other than to quit McGregor’s training camp due to the way they were tarnishing his name, and also says he wouldn’t mind if he never spoke to McGregor again. He would, however, like the chance to fight McGregor with the whole world watching.