Jaylen Brown embodied the Celtics’ playing style with this amazing dunk

Look how high up he got.

When the Celtics are at their peak, they’re incredible. They don’t let anything slide on defense, they move the hell out of the ball on offense and they fly to every single rebound they can get.

Jaylen Brown literally did that on this putback dunk over Pau Gasol on Friday night.

JAYLEN BROWN pic.twitter.com/dB6CQngKrj

— Celtics (22-4)☘️ (@617espn) December 9, 2017

Look at how high up he got.

That’s well above the rim. He came out of nowhere with that dunk. They’re a team that’s all about hustle and energy — probably what he does best and what the Celtics want him to do.

He started the game off slow because of his adjustment to his new goggles, but he looks just fine now.