Cavaliers Have Lowered Asking Price For More in Kyrie Irving Trade: Late 1st Round Pick or 2nd Round Picks

The unmitigated gall of Cleveland’s rookie GM Koby Altman is actually quite impressive. Everyone in the NBA knew that Isaiah Thomas had an injured hip. Cleveland know that when it dealt for him.

Now, nearly a week after the deal, the Cavs are asking for more, acting like the Celtics misled them about the severity of said hip injury. First, it was: We want Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown.

The Cavs conveyed this through the press, because they know Boston would hang up instantly. It obviously didn’t work.

Now, on the eve of when they have to sign off on the deal – the one-week deadline is ticking – Cleveland has “lowered” the asking price of what else it wants:

Cleveland and Boston officials started to engage each other on a solution on Tuesday, league sources told ESPN. Cleveland is no longer seeking one of the Celtics’ top young players or significant draft picks, league sources said. The Cavaliers could be inclined to complete the deal for a late first-round pick or second-round considerations, league sources said.

This truly is hilarious. The Celtics should tell the Cavs to go fly a kite. Boston, as I wrote earlier this week, is in the driver’s seat. Boston can survive (but not thrive) without Thomas for 20 or so games; the Cavs can too, since they have Derrick Rose as the backup point guard, as well as Jose Calderon.

But the real problem is Kyrie vs LeBron. They don’t get along. They won’t play together. Thomas? He’ll have to suck it up in Boston and return because if he wants a max deal (or close to it) from anyone he’s got to be a professional.

The temerity of the Cavs. Hey, throw in another 1st round pick, we’ll take one late in the 20s and not complain. Or multiple 2’s, that’ll work.

You’ve got to be kidding me.